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Gain Contextual Code Understanding
Gain Contextual Code Understanding

Access historical data and research context directly within your development environment with our VS Code extension. Look for a current opened file in the branch, a current active Code line, or files associated with a current open file.

Gain a deeper understanding of your codebase by exploring its evolution over time and the rationale behind past decisions.

Proactively Ensure Code Security and Compliance
Proactively Ensure Code Security and Compliance

Stay ahead of potential security vulnerabilities and compliance issues within our extensions.

Proactively identify and address risks, reducing the need for extensive rework and ensuring your codebase remains secure and compliant throughout the development lifecycle.

Get Insights with Integrated Telemetry
Get Insights with Integrated Telemetry

Similar to how the Apple Watch seamlessly integrates with your daily life to gather health data, our VS Code and Chrome extensions seamlessly integrate with your development environment to gather telemetry.

Gain insights of your coding habits, identify areas for improvement, and track your progress over time.

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