AI & External Code Monitor

AI & External Code Monitor proactively monitors and notifies on all instances of AI-generated code and external code introduced in your codebase. This ensures the authenticity and integrity of your code and enables mitigation of potential security and compliance risks posed by unapproved code sources.

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Track all AI-generated Code

Archipelo proactively monitors all AI-generated code events to identify and remediate emergent security and compliance risks associated with the usage of AI and LLMs, and to ensure the authenticity and integrity of your organization's code.

Track all External Code

AI & External Code Monitor proactively tracks all external code introductions to your codebase and notifies about potential risks. This increases your security and compliance posture by ensuring that only approved external code is used in your codebase.

Archipelo Intelligent Code Provenance Platform for Software Supply Chain Security

Verify code provenance and increase security and compliance with Archipelo.

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