Code Leak Monitor

Code Leak Monitor oversees all code access and transfer events, continuously scanning for anomalies and promptly identifying any emergent security risks. By closely monitoring code channels, including code repositories, browsers, and developer tools, this feature provides comprehensive coverage and real-time visibility into your organization's source code.

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Track all Code Leak Events

With the Code Leak Monitor in place, you can rest assured knowing that any unauthorized access or attempted exfiltration of your code will be detected and alerted immediately. This proactive approach allows you to take swift action to remediate any potential threats and prevent code leaks that could compromise your intellectual property.

Prevent Intellectual Property Loss

Code Leak Monitor significantly enhances your organization's security and compliance posture. It empowers you to maintain strict control over your source code, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access and mitigating the risk of code leakage that could result in reputational damage or intellectual property loss.

Archipelo Intelligent Code Provenance Platform for Software Supply Chain Security

Verify code provenance and increase security and compliance with Archipelo.

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