Code & Developer Attestations

Maintain auditable attestations for all code commits and releases to ensure SBOM integrity and compliance with NIST 800-218 requirements. Archipelo Platform automates the attestation process and ensures the creation of a verifiable and auditable chain of code provenance.

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Ensure Compliance

Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) are critical for ensuring the security of software supply chains and compliance with regulations like NIST 800-218. Code & Developer Attestations verify the accuracy of all artifacts contained within SBOMs, creating an auditable record of integrity for SBOMs.

Configurable Attestation Policies

Attestations are critical for demonstrating that organizations are building software using Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF) best practices. Archipelo enables configurable attestation policies to ensure your organization's artifacts are verified from the earliest stages of development across SDLC.

Attestations Made Easy

Seamlessly generate auditable and precise attestations for each commit, pull request and release - establishing clear, verifiable and authentic chain of code provenance.

Automated Attestations

Save time and automate the attestation process by seamlessly integrating with your developer tools and CI/CD pipelines to generate attestations for every commit, pull request and release.

Archipelo Intelligent Code Provenance Platform for Software Supply Chain Security

Verify code provenance and increase security and compliance with Archipelo.

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