Code Digests

Code Digests capture code context and metadata from development events, repositories, tools, and developer-accessed sites, providing a comprehensive historical record of coding events for commits and releases.

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Shift-left Code Artifacts Collection

Code Digests allow you to shift-left your code artifacts collection by capturing all the development events that inform how the code is created before it is committed.

Code Context Containers

Code Digests serve as containers for all code-related artifacts, providing a complete picture of the development process from the earliest stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Verify Code Provenance

Code Digests empower development teams and organizations to verify code provenance by gathering all the artifacts that answer who, what and when the code was produced for all commits and releases.

Code Knowledge Base

Automatically create a code knowledge base that provides a comprehensive view of the most important coding events and insights so your software engineering team can increase productivity, and learn how to build more valuable and secure software.

Archipelo Intelligent Code Provenance Platform for Software Supply Chain Security

Verify code provenance and increase security and compliance with Archipelo.

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